What is Indian REMY hair?

The hair extensions are Indian hair, which means it originates form India and it is 100% Remy hair. This means that the hair does not tangle, the cuticles are intact and aligned in the same direction. Therefore say goodbye to ratty non-REMY hair extensions and Hello gorgeous Runway Hair™!

Does the hair get glued in? Is it glue? Is it wax?

Runway Hair™ bonds are made up of Keratin bonds which are attached to your hair. The bonding system gently attaches and moulds the bond to a small section of your hair. Please note a trained professional needs to do this. To find one of our Salon Partners closest to you please contact us.

Will my own hair get damaged form wearing hair extensions?

NO. But method is vital when it comes to hair extensions... The way you put them in and remove them is very important. Extra care should be taken when your hair extensions are being installed and removed. If it isn't done incorrectly, it can damage your hair and that is why there is the misperception that "hair extensions" damage your hair. It's not the hair extensions, it's the method. We recommend you replace all your hair extensions within a 3 - 6 month period depending on your hair texture and re-growth. Ask your stylist to take extra care when removing the hair extensions. There should be no tugging or pulling. The keratin bonds are removed with a high alcohol solution and dissolve off the hair with ease and without damaging your own hair.

Secondly YOU need to take care of your hair, Runway Hair™ extensions are real hair and they too need to be taken care of, when you brush your hair do so gently and take extra care when going over the bonds, condition your hair not at the roots but from half way down the hair strands. Remember your hair is most vulnerable when it is wet so be extra gentle.

Can I wash and style my hair normally?

You can wash and style your hair but we recommend you do not pile all your hair on top of your head and make a washing machine effect out of it. Rather wash your hair in its natural vertical positions to avoid causing any damage or strain to the bonds and your own hair.

Can I swim with my new hair extensions?

As mentioned we recommend you blow-dry the roots of your hair after washing/wetting your hair to help prolong the wear of your hair extensions. But If you are on holiday or cant blow dry your hair, it is okay to occasionally let it dry naturally but we do recommend that you rinse your hair off of any chlorine or salt/sea water as it may affect the bonds. Where possible try to at least blow-dry that hair at the roots.

How much hair do I need?

If you're not sure how many hair extensions to buy you can go for a consultation at your nearest Runway Hair™ Salon stockist, they will do a hair analysis and based on your hair texture and length they can let you know accordingly.

A full head of hair extensions usually consists of anything between 100 - 150 Keratin bonded hair extensions, most clients purchase 4 packs of Runway Hair™ extensions (each pack consisting of 25 hair extensions). The most common length is 18 inch... if you going to get hair extensions you might as well not only get the volume but the length too!

I have African hair can I use Runway Hair™?

YES! ABSOLUTELY!! Runway Hair™ proudly embraces the diversity of beauty and we cater for all women of all ethnicities. Just like Tyra Banks and Beyonce Knowles you too can have that smoothly silky sleek finish! Try our Indian Remy Hair Wefts. See our Products page for colors and lengths we offer.

I only want some extra volume in my hair, do I choose bonded hair or clip in hair?

This really is a personal choice, most people start out with clip in hair extensions and progress to bonded hair extensions. Some are happy to only use clip in hair extensions for that occasional night out or to add extra thickness to their hair when they wear is down. Others want the extra thickness and length permanently and that's why they opt for the bonded hair extensions. You can't swim with your clip in hair... well we don't advise it ,after jumping in the pool it may look like you have an animal swimming with you! You cant go wrong with either, it is a personal choice, it all depends on what you want.

How do I apply my Clip in hair extensions?

You need to subdivide your hair horizontally and gently tease the hair by the root. Clip the hair in. Do this process from the bottom of your head up and ending off with the 2 side pieces behind the temple region of your head.

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