Runway Hair™ embraces the diversity of beauty and we cater for all women of all ethnicity.

We offer the following products, all of our hair products are Indian REMY Hair

Keratin bonded Hair Extensions

  • Indian REMY Hair
    • 18inch /46cm
    • Type: natural/straight
    • Colours - Natural Black, dark Brown, Medium brown, light honey blond and Blond. See colour chart

Clip in hair extensions

  • The Clip In hair extensions are double drawn, meaning double the thickness. The hair is the same length from top to bottom and not mixed with shorter strands.
  • No more 10 clip in pieces per set to try get the fullness of hair you've always wanted! Try Runway Hair™ 5 piece set of clip in hair extensions making it quicker, non-visible and easier to put in your hair! Plus having double the effect!
  • Indian REMY Hair
    • 18inch /46cm
    • Type: Natural/straight
    • Colors : Natural Black, dark Brown, Medium brown and Blonde. We also offer 2 colour mixes, Caramel Blond/Light Brown and Dark Brown/Light Brown/Caramel Blond. See our colour chart.

Hair Weft

  • Indian REMY Hair
    • 16 inch
    • 18 inch
    • Type: natural/straight
    • Colours: Natural Black, dark Brown, Medium brown, Caramel Blond and Blonde. See colour chart

Colour Guide:

Tools & Accessories
We sell the necessary tools and accessories to Salons for Keratin bonded hair extensions.

Become a Salon Partner
If you would like to stock our hair extensions range please contact us for more details to be a partner. or view our contact page.

All Hair products can be bought directly from Runway Hair™or from one of our salon partners, to find a salon partner please contact us on email

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We do not recommend that you re-bond the hair extensions. For the best results we recommend you go for regular check ups to your salon and replace a few extensions at a time with new ones as part of the maintenance of your hair extensions. Alternatively you can replace a full set of hair extensions every 3-6 months (depending on your own hair type, texture and how you maintain you hair extensions)

The How?
Method is vital when it comes to hair extensions... The way you put them in and remove them is very important. Extra care should be taken when your hair extensions are being installed and removed. If not installed correctly, it can damage your hair and that is why there is the misperception that "hair extensions" damage your hair. It's not the hair extensions, it's the method. We recommend you replace all your hair extensions within a 3 - 6-month period depending on your hair texture and re-growth. Ask your stylist to take extra care when removing the hair extensions. There should be no tugging or pulling. The keratin bonds are removed with a high alcohol solution and dissolve off the hair with ease and without damaging your own hair.

Taking care of your Hair: Keeping the Runway look
The beauty of Runway Hair™ is that you can wash, blow dry, style and GHD your hair. To extend your wear and look after the quality of your new Runway Locks we recommend you use a soft brush with no rounded ends at the bristles. Shampoo and condition your hair gently, don't rub your hair vigorously and only apply conditioner to the mid lengths and ends of your hair .

Try avoiding spraying hair sprays with alcohol product in directly onto the roots as the alcohol may affect your bonds. Remember bonds are removed with a high alcohol solution.

Blow drying: You can blow dry your hair in fact we recommend you blow dry the roots of your hair to keep the bonds dry as this will help maintain the strength of the bonds. You might have a photo-shoot moment and find yourself posing in front of the mirror with your Runway Hair™ being gorgeously blown off your face... this is normal... it's the Runway Hair™ Effect!


If you are a SALON and want to become a SALON PARTNER and STOCK Runway Hair™ please contact us directly via email on or call 0114681120 and we will provide you with our Salon prices.

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